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We’re back at it finally, and with good news to boot.  Shows, new releases, etc… but I’ll get to that stuff.  So we took a little break after our last show in July so that I could get hand surgery, then Dino went on tour to Germany drumming in Furnace.  In the meantime I was finishing up recording vocals in Adam and my other band, Lonesome Republic.  Adam was also busy with his other band, Bar Sinister.  And Jared started a new band called Comanche, for whom I just recorded a demo, and you should definitely go check it out.  Anyway, my surgery went well, and I’m all healed up.  Dino is back from rocking out and drinking beers in Germany.

We’ve got some good shows coming up, including a radio appearance on WHRB 95.3 (based in Cambridge, MA) tonight at 10pm.  If you’re not in the Greater Boston area, you can also stream it online here.  Back in July we recorded the music for two new jams for a split 7″ with Get Laid.  Soon we’ll be laying down the vocals for those songs, and I’ll also be recording a few Get Laid songs for their side of the split.  Our good friend Andre Hester is working on the artwork for this release, and it’s going to be released on Get Young Records.  More updates to come on progress with that.  We’re also planning a 12″ vinyl release of Fuck Now Denial for this winter, on Tor Johnson Records.  Over the winter, we’ll be writing more new material for a split with our Baltimore pals, Dawn Treader, then working on a new album.

So that was a lot of shit.  Soak that in for a while and I’ll post again when there’s more to say.

Over the weekend, we tracked all of the instruments for two new songs.  We’ll be recording the vocals in the near future.  You’ll be able to hear them eventually on a split 7″ with Get Laid.

We’ll be playing this Friday at Harper’s Ferry with Coliseum, Disappearer, Burning Love, and Phantom Glue.  This will be our last show before we take a break for a couple months.  In late July and August, Jarrod will be having surgeries on both hands for carpal tunnel syndrome.   Also, from mid-September to early October, Dino will on a European tour with Furnace.  In the meantime, the new songs will be mixed and mastered, and we’ll be making plans for the fall/winter.  Come check out an awesome show this Friday, we’re probably going to throw one of the new jams into the set.  Get advance tickets here:

We’ve got some good shows coming up in the next couple of months. We’ll be playing two nights in a row (w/ Furnace & Livver) at the House of Blues Frontroom, after the GWAR show on 6/20 and after the Danzig show on 6/21. Both of those HoB Frontroom shows are FREE! We’ll also be playing Harper’s Ferry with Coliseum, Disappearer, and others on July 9th. Tickets to that show are $10 in advance / $12 at the door.

We’ve been working on new material, and we’ve got two new songs we’ll be recording in July for a split 7″. After July, we’ll have a little Now Denial downtime as Jarrod will be having hand surgery, and Dino will be touring Europe with Furnace. In that downtime, the new songs will get mixed and mastered. Lonesome Republic (feat. Adam and Jarrod) will be mixing and mastering their new recordings at that point as well, and Mechane (feat. Jared) will be recording in late July.

The new EP, “Fuck Now Denial”, is also now for sale as a digital download. So if you’d rather spend a few bucks for mp3s instead of a few more bucks for a CD, now’s your chance. Get ’em in the merch section.

The “Fuck Now Denial” record-release show was last night, and it was a great time.  And now you can buy the new CDep in the merch section.  They’re hand-numbered and limited to 250 copies.  Go get one!  More news and shows coming soon.

I just added some photos from the show in Allston this past Sunday to the multimedia section.  Thanks to Aaron @ Return to the Pit for sharing those.  We’re getting the packaging ready for the new EP.  It’s called “Fuck Now Denial” and we did a limited run of 250 CDs, with the help of Witch Trial Records.  The record release show will be March 28th at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, so make sure to come out to that, we’ll probably throw in free shit like pins, patches, and 7″s when you buy the new CD.

Aside from that, we’ve been working on new tunes as well.  Planning on doing a split 7″ with our good pals Get Laid at some point this year.  So we’ll probably be recording for that in a couple months.  Shit’s going awesome.  That’s all for now friends.  I’ll post the new EP for sale in the webstore as soon as it’s available, so check back in a couple weeks.

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