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Well it’s been many, many years but we finally have a new website… even has a iPhone compatibility… welcome to 2012. Anyway in real news, we’ve been nominated for yet another prestigious award. This time we’re up for “Punk Artist of the Year” in the Boston Music Awards.  So that’s something, go give us a click if you feel so inclined.

We’re making progress with new jams, and we’ll continue to work on it throughout the winter.  We have a couple of shows booked, but don’t plan on playing much until we’re done writing.  So come on out and maybe we’ll have a few new tunes to throw at ya.

It’s been a little while, so here’s a quick update on what’s been going on.  We’ve been making progress on new jams and have a solid handful of ’em in the works.  We’re all really stoked about the direction the songwriting has taken… and maybe we’ll have something new to play at our next show.  Speaking of which, we won’t be playing much in the way of shows throughout the winter so we can focus on writing.  Though we have one show booked now, and it’s going to be a fucking killer time — it’ll be our good pals The Big Big Bucks record release show for their new EP, “Orange Aura“.  Give that a listen if you haven’t already, then come to the show and buy the wax.  More details on that show coming soon also.

Tor Johnson Records celebrated their tenth anniversary right around the same time as us, and they’ve released a Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus 7″ for the occasion.  It’s got four tracks, one of which is Now Denial doing a Misfits cover live on a radio show a couple years back.  We’ll have a handful of copies available for sale at our next show, but if it’s mailorder you’re looking for, you should head over to the TJR store and pick up a copy there.

Speaking of our next show, it is on Tuesday August 7th at Great Scott in Allston.  We’ll be playing with the awesome and recently-reunited Planes Mistaken for Stars, as well as local pals Furnace, Lunglust, and Kid Bastard.  Tickets are available now for $9, and will be $10 at the door (assuming it doesn’t sell out in advance).  It will be our the only remaining show of the summer for us, so come hang out.  We’re also starting to make tentative tour plans for the fall… more on that once things start to shape up.  New jams continue to roll along as well, and we hope to break those out at shows soon.


Well we’re sure having a hell of a year!  Last night we headed down to the 2012 Best Music Poll ceremony and came away with this:

You may wonder why it looks like that… well Jared might have thrown it at Dino, and maybe Dino took a bite out of it.  What of it?!?  Now it’s really a punk/hardcore award!

Really though, thanks a ton to everyone who voted.  And beyond that, thanks to everyone who has had a hand in keeping us going… which is all of you.  We’ve heard a lot of kind (and flattering) words especially in the past month with the anniversary show and the BMP award, and it means a lot to us.  So, again, THANKS!  Here’s the write-up that was in the Phoenix today (I like that they make note of the fact that we’re not full of shit):


Looking towards the future, here’s what’s going on for us… one show in July which will possibly be the only one of the summer for us (so make sure you’re there!), Joe/Adam/Jared are working on a number of totally awesome releases with Intense Human Victories, one of which will be the new Furnace album which Dino pounded out his drums for not long ago, Jarrod will be getting married in August, and we’ll be writing new jams every chance we get.  With any luck we’ll be looking into a new album by next year.  We’ve also got the remixed/remastered Power to the Mountain available in the webstore, so go have a listen because it’s got a whole new life to it now.  Keep on keepin’ on, friends.

Our first album, Power to the Mountain, has been digitized from the original tapes and completely remixed and remastered.  We’ve been keeping quiet about it for the most part, but we figured we’d throw a song up to give you a little preview.  This is the new version of “Shit-Talk in the Zen Garden”.  The new version of the album will be available as a digital download only.  If you buy one of the 10 Year Anniversary Party shirts or posters, it will come with a download code for the album.  And it will also be available to purchase online, as well as being thrown in as a free download for any future purchases of the Power to the Mountain CD or LP.  Check it out and hopefully we’ll see you at the show tomorrow.  Oh, and don’t forget to grab a ticket if you don’t have one (as of this post there are only 6 remaining).

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