Now Denial


Now Denial

Born from a basement in Lowell, MA back in 2002, Now Denial has consistently been exploring the fringes of genres – from punk and hardcore, to classic rock and metal – while never sticking to a blueprint; being heavy on their own terms with no regard for current trends. The band has maintained a very hands-on/DIY approach from the beginning, and has continued to do so with every song, recording, release, tour, and promotion. Now Denial has worked with various labels such as Get Young Records, Gatehouse Anchor, and others… but has worked primarily with Providence, RI’s Tor Johnson Records.

Following the release of their sophomore album, “Facemelter”, the band found themselves in need of a new drummer, and in early 2009 Brian Donovan (also of Furnace) took over on drums. This ushered in a new era for Now Denial and was followed by the release of the “Fuck Now Denial” EP, a split 7″ with Get Laid, and a handful of weekends and tours out of New England. In 2012, Now Denial won the award for “Best Punk/Hardcore Act” in The Boston Phoenix / WFNX’s annual Best Music Poll, and was also nominated for “Punk Artist of the Year” at the 25th annual Boston Music Awards.

The band spent early 2013 writing and demoing new material, but ultimately shelved the new songs and focused on other efforts including Raw Blow and Big Kill.  Aside from a couple of 15th anniversary shows in 2017, the band has been dormant since.

Now Denial is:
Adam Caires
Jared Cerretti
Jarrod Delong
Joe Cerretti
Brian Donovan