Now Denial

Power To The Mountain

Format(s): LP, CD, Digital (Remixed/Remastered)
Release Date: June 2004 | May 2012 (Remixed/Remastered)
Label(s): Tor Johnson Records
Pressing Info: 400 Coke Bottle Clear
100 Translucent Yellow
Info: Recorded on a mountain in New Hampshire by Now Denial and friends in April 2004. Mixed and mastered by Now Denial in May 2004. All artwork and packaging conceived and implemented by Now Denial.

For Now Denial’s 10th anniversary in 2012, the album was digitized from the original tapes by Dan Gonzales at Esthudio, and then completely remixed and remastered by Jarrod Delong. The re-issued version is only available digitally.



Recorded on a mountain in New Hampshire with portable generators, Now Denial’s Power To The Mountain is post-post-hardcore, so that it’s probably pre-something – we’ll know when it comes along. This recording, though pretty raw and underwhelming, sound-wise, shows a band exploding with loud and melodic promise – and who are probably phenomenal live. On record, their songs bristle with driving, primal backbeats buried under savage prog-metal riffing, at times sounding like Jawbox (I’m old) or even metallic Minor Threat. These guys deserve to be recorded properly in a good studio, the results would probably be amazing.
– The Agenda (RI)