Now Denial

Fuck Now Denial

Format(s): 12″EP, CD, Digital
Release Date: March 2010 (CD), March 2011 (Vinyl)
Label(s): Tor Johnson Records, Intense Human Victories
Pressing Info: 201 Orange Marble
52 Translucent Green (ND Exclusive)
47 Gray Marble (TJR Exclusive)
250 Hand-Numbered CDs
Info: Recorded and mixed by Dan Gonzales at Esthudio in July/August 2009. Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance in October 2009. Artwork by Rick Stec. Design/Layout by Jarrod Delong and Adam Caires.



Now Denial has never been a band to follow a musical blueprint, and Fuck Now Denial, is among the band’s best releases to date, showcasing their distinctive blend of hardcore, punk, and metal. The intricate guitar work, complex song structures, and willingness to be in-your-face aggressive as well as slower and more melodic, as in the track “Way of the Buffalo,” makes this 12″ EP a real gem. – Paul J. Comeau for Razorcake

Boston’s Now Denial have a good listen with this 12-inch EP, entitled Fuck Now Denial. Lots of hoarse-voiced screaming over deeply-hitting rhythms, and that all has the counterpoint of sparse guitar licks against stoner-metal riffage. The mixture of hardcore punk’s anger and frustration with the tuneful nature of classic rock is entertaining… while I’m listening to it. Therein lies the rub, though. It’s a conundrum, because the thing’s on my turtable right fucking now, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. However, I’ve spun this record something like a dozen times since it showed up in the mail, and five minutes after I’m done listening, I can’t remember a damned thing about it. “Epic Fail,” the last song on the first side, always grabs my ear when it’s on, but fuck if I can tell you what I like about it when it’s not playing (for the record, it’s the Thin Lizzy riffing mixed with big hardcore breakdowns). So, I can recommend Fuck Now Denial, but these are not songs that you will find yourself coming back to time and time again.
Rock Star Journalist

This 12” was originally released well over a year ago, making me verifiably late to this particular party. Now Denial cast a wide net musically–spanning a decade or two–which makes me feel slightly better about my incredible capacity for record review procrastination. So, thanks dudes.

There’s a certain amount of what Now Denial does well, which seems like a happy accident. Much of it mixes late 90s metalcore (more Bloodlet than Botch) with the more melodic end of classic metal (more Motorhead than Megadeth). There are occasional, just-cheeky-enough guitar leads dotting the EP, which tie the two fairly specific sub-genres together. A little of that goes a long way, and Now Denial apply it as a binding agent, with only a half-smirk.

The slower moments, especially on “Epic Fail” and “Way Of The Buffalo” have a post-grunge feel matching uncomfortable melodies and early Soundgarden-style howl. They get about as ‘jammy’ as will work in this setting (not much) and harness it to a dark, but not cartoony effect.

Taken as a whole, Fuck Now Denial pulls together fully separate, but very much related takes on bookish heavy metal. Weaving together the dominant, but not the most obvious traits of each, it ends up feeling more like “FUUUCK. Now Denial.”
– S. Anderson for The New Scheme