Now Denial

Things have been busy with all of us in Now Denial… here’s a quick update.  We’ve got about 5 new jams written (one of which you may have heard if you were at a recent show), and we’ve already got a couple other ones we’re working on… so I guess that puts us somewhere around halfway done writing for a new album.  Huzzah!  We have no shows booked at the moment, seeing as we’re still just trying to focus on writing.

Adam and Dino have formed another band called Raw Blow, which also features Jake Quarrell (also of Luau) and Darryl Pohas (formerly of Furnace).  They’re pretty bitchin’, I will tell you that much.  Go like them on Facebook to keep up on their happenings.

That’s all I’ll divulge for now… more updates to come throughout the summer.