Now Denial

Our first album, Power to the Mountain, has been digitized from the original tapes and completely remixed and remastered.  We’ve been keeping quiet about it for the most part, but we figured we’d throw a song up to give you a little preview.  This is the new version of “Shit-Talk in the Zen Garden”.  The new version of the album will be available as a digital download only.  If you buy one of the 10 Year Anniversary Party shirts or posters, it will come with a download code for the album.  And it will also be available to purchase online, as well as being thrown in as a free download for any future purchases of the Power to the Mountain CD or LP.  Check it out and hopefully we’ll see you at the show tomorrow.  Oh, and don’t forget to grab a ticket if you don’t have one (as of this post there are only 6 remaining).

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