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Does anybody look at web pages anymore? We’re playing a show for the first time in about four years. It’s a benefit for the Trans Assistance Project, and it’ll be April 29th at Great Scott in Allston. Weak Teeth, Sneeze, and Aneurysm will be playing as well, and we’ll have a bunch of merch on the cheap which will all go to the same benefit. Who knows when we’ll do it again, get yr tix and come hang.

Now Denial turns twelve tomorrow, so that seems like a good time to finally post a news update. We’ve been on a hiatus (or whatever you want to call it) since last July, so you’ve likely noticed us not doing things and/or stuff. There will be an eventual return to doing said things, but not yet. Sorry.

In the meantime, we’re all busy with other things. Adam and Brian are playing in a band called Raw Blow, also featuring Darryl (formerly of Furnace) and Jake (of Luau). If you haven’t heard them yet, you can check them out here and here. I’ll post about other things we’re doing as they happen.

Tor Johnson Records will be printing some exclusive Now Denial t-shirts that are pretty awesome. News on that soon, but in short it’s a new design that you’ll only be able to get via the TJR online store.

Thanks for the support and love dudes. You can check here for new things as they happen.

Things have been busy with all of us in Now Denial… here’s a quick update.  We’ve got about 5 new jams written (one of which you may have heard if you were at a recent show), and we’ve already got a couple other ones we’re working on… so I guess that puts us somewhere around halfway done writing for a new album.  Huzzah!  We have no shows booked at the moment, seeing as we’re still just trying to focus on writing.

Adam and Dino have formed another band called Raw Blow, which also features Jake Quarrell (also of Luau) and Darryl Pohas (formerly of Furnace).  They’re pretty bitchin’, I will tell you that much.  Go like them on Facebook to keep up on their happenings.

That’s all I’ll divulge for now… more updates to come throughout the summer.

We’ve decided to make all of our releases available digitally as a “pay what you want” download.  So you can pay what you can afford / what you think it’s worth… and if you like it, then come to a show or buy a record some time.  Head over to our bandcamp page to have at it.

We’re amidst demo-ing five new jams, and we’ll be writing new material probably for the next few months.  In the mean time we do have a few shows coming up: March 30th in Cambridge, and April 21st in Allston.  You might be able to get a little taste of the new stuff at those shows.

Just a quick update regarding the The Big Big Bucks‘ record-release show… it is no longer scheduled for this Saturday (12/1), and has been moved to Saturday, December 29th at Great Scott in Allston.  Our good pals Choke Up and Heavy Medical will be playing as well, so it’ll be a great fucking show.  And if you haven’t heard the Bucks new EP, “Orange Aura“, go give it a listen and then buy a copy at the show.

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